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Robin Hood, An Ooh Da Lally Panto!

By The TLS Giggle Guild

All Auditioneers must complete an online audition form and submit.

Audition Form

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Audition Dates and Times:

– Friday, June 23 2023 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
– Saturday, June 24, 2023 from 11:00am to 2:00pm


TLS Workshop & Rehearsal Hall
1689 Trans Canada Highway
(Details will be emailed to applicants)

Audition Notes

– Cold Read from Script
– Auditions are on a first come – first served basis
– No previous experience required – Everyone is welcome – Ages 10 & up!
– Please bring a resume & head shot (if available – if not, we’ll take a snap!)
– Non-Equity production

Rehearsal Information:

Rehearsal Venue – TLS Workshop and Rehearsal Hall


– Starting Late September;
Tuesday and Thursday nights 6:00pm to 8:30pm

– Starting Early October;
– Saturdays 10:00am to 1:00pm

Production Dates:

All Performances at The Sagebrush Theatre, 1300 9 Ave, Kamloops, BC

Performance Dates: December 24-30, 2023
– Matinees – 1:00pm, Call time is 11:30am
– Evenings – 7:00pm, Call time is 5:30pm

Main Cast

Robin Hood, An Ooh Da Lally Panto is a loose adaptation of the Disney version done in the highest form of parody.  As in the original film, the tale is told from the perspective of the animal kingdom, thus all the charaters have an animal archetype.

Please Note:
In Panto, most roles can be played by any gender.
The Dame is traditionally played by a middle-aged man.

Character Description
ROBIN HOOD Red Fox. The Heroic Bandit who lives in Sherwood Forest. Falls in love with Maid Marian.
LITTLE JOHN Brown Bear. Robin’s jovial friend and sidekick.
ALLANADALE Leghorn Rooster. Jive talking hipster who is a friend, procurer, and sidekick to Robin.
FRIAR TUCK English Badger. The Abbot of Nottingham’s chapel. Friend and confidant of Robin Hood.
MAID MARIAN Red Fox. Princess of the Realm. Neice and ward of King Richard.  Falls in love with Robin.
LADY CLUCK Sussex Chicken. The DAME. This part is played by a middle aged man. Maid Marian’s wise cracking Handmaiden
KING RICHARD African Lion. King of England. Uncle to Maid Marian, and brother to Prince John.
PRINCE JOHN Mountain Lion. Regeant and brother to King Richard. Spoiled, entitled, mean and nasty ruler. The “Phoney” King of England.
SIR HISS Green Tree Python. Prince John’s bumbling servant.
SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM Grey Timber Wolf. The evil Sheriff of Nottingham who does Prince John’s bidding.
MARCEAU White Lipped Tree Frog. One of Robin Hood’s Merry Men. The leader of the troupe.
LOUIS White Lipped Tree Frog. One of Robin Hood’s Merry Men. The sensible one.
JEAN White Lipped Tree Frog. One of Robin Hood’s Merry Men. The not so sensible one.
RENE White Lipped Tree Frog. One of Robin Hood’s Merry Men.
PIERRE White Lipped Tree Frog. One of Robin Hood’s Merry Men. The cautious one.
FRANCOIS Red Eyed Tree Frog. One of Robin Hood’s Merry Men.  The Artiste!


Supporting Cast

The following are smaller speaking roles, great for beginners and young performers

Character Description
RUSTY Red Headed Vulture. Brother of Trigger. One of the Sheriff’s henchmen.
TRIGGER Red Headed Vulture. Brother of Rusty. One of the Sheriff’s henchmen.
MOTHER RABBIT European Rabbit. Mother to Skippy, Jennifer, and Easter.
SKIPPY European Rabbit. Enthusiastic younger brother to Jennifer, but older that Easter. Wants to become ‘just like Robin Hood’
TOBIAS Box Turtle. Skippy’s best friend. Shy and nervous.
JENNIFER European Rabbit. Skippy and Easter’s  older sister.  She can be a bit bossy.
EASTER European Bunny. The youngest of Mother Rabbits children. Easter follows her siblings whereever they go, and always has something to say about that.
FATHER SAXON Grey Mouse. Married to Mrs. Saxon. Assistant to Friar Tuck in the Nottingham Abbey.
MRS. SAXON Grey Mouse. Married to Father Saxon. Assists with chores in the Nottingham Abbey.
ONSLOW Bloodhound. Blacksmith in Nottingham.
MR. OWL Great Horned Owl. Husband to Mrs. Owl. Old and a bit frail. Always has a piece of good advice.
MRS. OWL Barn Owl. Wife to Mr. Owl. Friendly and kind, Mrs. Owl often becomes everyone’s grandmother.

Chorus Roles

These are non speaking roles, and perform crucial background acting, also great for beginners and young performers

Chorus roles include:  Forest Animal Townsfolk, Rhino Guards, Wolf Archers, and yes, even Elephant Trumpeteers!

Tickets On Sale Sept 1, 2023!

Visit our Tickets page for pricing and show information.

Story Synopsis

Ooh da lally!  King Richard the Lionheart has embarked on another Crusade leaving his brother Prince John and his bumbling servant, Sir Hiss, in charge of the Kingdom and his niece, the lovely Maid Marian and her wise-cracking Handmaiden, Lady Cluck.

After ensuring that his brother will never return from the Crusades, Prince John begins taxing the poor folks all across the Kingdom to their last farthing.  Those that can’t pay, are imprisoned by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Things look as glum as the rain and fog that cloak the land…

Maid Marian and Lady Cluck do all they can for the people, but it seems that their clandestine actions are never enough…

Enter a wily fox named Robin Hood to save the day!  From deep within Sherwood Forest, Robin and his sidekicks, Little John, Allandale, Friar Tuck, and his band of Merry… ah… Frogs? Begin their own plan of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, any way they can.

With Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham fast on his heels, can Robin maintain his plan until King Richard returns and sets things right?  And exactly who is the mysterious Nightingale?

Join us for a rollicking good time as we give the Panto treatment to the timeless tale of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, as only the animal kingdom can portray!

*Please Note* – All cast and crew will be required to become paid members of The Laughing Stock Theatre Society by first rehearsal. Please visit our Membership page for pricing and to sign up. Membership forms will also be available at first rehearsal.

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