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About the Play

The Tale of Puss In Boots was originally told by Charles Perrault as Le Chat Botte in his Histories ou contes du temps passé, published in 1697.  The English translation is from 1729 by Robert Samber in Histories, or Tales of Past Times. Perrault based his story on an Italian folk tale published as The Delightful Nights by Gianfrancesco Straparola (1480-1557).   This was published in 1534.

It is a “rags to riches” tale, very much like Cinderella.  The riches are gained through the trickery of Puss the cat. The hero of the story, Jack, receives all his wealth and his Princess bride as a result of a “Cat Scam!”  His only saving grace morally is that he is very poor, and follows the cat’s instructions to the letter, often oblivious to the consequences.  Charles Perrault did not create the cat however.  The origin of the trickster dates from further back, and would appear to be Italian in origin. However, in all these earlier versions the cat is bootless.  Similar tales can be found around the world – in these versions the  cat is sometimes a fox, a monkey or a jackal.

In this Panto version of the tale, the ‘Orrible Ogre Olaf has stolen the good fairy’s wand, and now seeks to take over the peaceful lands of Stoneybrook! Trouble soon comes to the old mill where young Jack and his older brothers Hickory and Dickory eke out a living, and the village baker, Patty Cake spins their sad tale…  Enter fairy godmother who sets things in motion by giving Jack’s clever cat, Puss, the power of speech just before she too is captured by Olaf!  It is now up to Puss, who dons a snazzy pair of boots, to save the day!

Expect the unexpected in this uproariously funny take on the classic tale!

CastCrewProduction Info
Character Played by
Dame Washalot Vance Schneider
Fairy Poppins Ruth Roe
Patty Cake Tom Fox
Dipsey the Donkey Torrey Owen & Susan Barley
Hickory Walter Hunt
Dickory Pat Buchanan
Jack Madison Wahlroth
Puss in Boots Abby Wale
Olaf the ‘Orrible Orge Jennilee Fraser
Gunther Nigel Beardwood
King Stoneybrook Vaughn Butland
Princess Bethany Claire Irvine
Royal Guard 1 Liz Ekering
Royal Guard 2 Greg Dueck
Puppeteer Jennelle Young
Circus Performers Jessica Buchanan, Torrey Owen, Nigel Beardwood, Jennelle Young, Vance Schneider
Special Guests We can’t tell you who they are, or it wouldn’t be a surprise!!
Goblins Sadie Druskee-McRae, Aislynn Ernst, Daisy Heinonen, Taylor Hennessey, Lori-Anne Proznick, Austin Roath, Connor Seeley.
Villagers, Courtiers, Zombies and Ghosts Zizou Abdoh, Jacquie Bonnett, Dakota Cunningham, Elise Doucet,
Sadie Druskee-McRae, Aislynn Ernst, Sydney Fox, Millie Fryalt,
Daisy Heinonen, Pierce Hennessey, Taylor Hennessey, Emily Hinds,
Tasia Linquist, Zoe Martin, Lori-Anne Proznick, Sophia Proznick,
Austin Roath, Kayla Roath, Meg Roe, Connor Seeley, & Abigail Westman.
Producers Vance Schneider, Don Levasseur
Author Lorraine Mason
Director Vance Schneider
Set Designer Glynnis Brassil
Lighting and Sound Designer Vance Schneider
Head of Wardrobe Denise Proznick
Head of Construction Nigel Beardwood
Master Carpenter John A. Neill
Dance Choreographer Jasmin McDaniels
Fight Choreographer Vance Schneider
Stage Manager Michelle Wong
Assistant Stage Manager Sarah Grey
Assistant Stage Manager Andrew Ison
Costumes / Dressers Denise Proznick, Sheri Cadorette, Jackie Ellis
Hair / Makeup Edith Kmet, Denise Anderson
Set Construction Nigel Beardwood, Jennilee Fraser, John Neill, Don Levasseur, Pat Barringer
Set Painting Jennilee Fraser, Greg Dueck, Vaughn Butland, John Neill and the Cast.
Properties Vance Schneider, Jessica Buchanan
Drums and Percussion Stu Wightman
Technical Director (Sagebrush) Brian Britton
Lighting / Sound Operator (Sagebrush) Brian Britton
Running Crew Pat Barringer, Jessica Buchanan, Crystal Ernst,
Lorraine Korobanik, Mary Ouelette, Tim & Susan Roath,
Lori Seeley Sam Johnson, Storm Moody, & the Cast!
Publicity Wenda Noonan, Vance Schneider, Lorraine Korobanik
Poster and Graphics Wenda Noonan
Program Vance Schneider
Photography/Videography John A. Neill
Original Performance Dates December 24-31, 2012
Venue Sagebrush Theatre, Kamloops, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 50 minutes
Production Style Traditional British Panto
Our Sponsors Kamloops This Week, Pandora’s Costume Box, Edge Publishing,
Echo Newspapers, Facepainting by Denise, Tranquille Farm Fresh,
Surplus Herby’s, Bulk Barn, Windsor Plywood, Domino’s Pizza,
Kamloops Office Systems, The Prodcution Habit, Inkamloops.ca Video Magazine.
Special Thanks To Kamloops Live Box Office, Shaw TV, CFJC Midday,
CBC Daybreak Kamloops, Country 103,
TRU Actor’s Workshop Theatre, Pat Barringer,
Russ Gervais, John A Neill Photography

Photos from this Epic Production!