Let’s Murder Marsha

Let's Murder Marsha

About the Play

It’s 1984 and happy housewife Marsha Gilmore, who is hopelessly addicted to reading murder mysteries, overhears her loving husband discussing her upcoming birthday surprise with an interior decorator. To her ears, though, it sounds like they are planning to murder her! When her own mother shows up for her birthday a day early, Marsha thinks she is also in on the diabolical scheme. With the assistance of her next door neighbour she tries to turn the tables on them. Then when her maid’s date, a policeman, shows up to take the maid out, Marsha thinks he is on to her…

This is a terrific show for family audiences who like their comedy fast and nonstop.

Let’s Murder Marsha is produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.

CastCrewProduction Info
Character Played by
Tobias Gilmore Carlo Sia
Marsha Gilmore Brittany Zettergreen
Virgil Baxter Dave Marklinger
Persis Devore Kyna Paquette
Bianca Marta Oraniewitcz
Lynnette Thoren Angela de Haan
Ben Quade Matt Hardy
Producer Vance Schneider
Author Monk Ferris
Director Vance Schneider
Set & Lighting Designer Vance Schneider
Sound Design Walter Hunt
Head of Wardrobe Denise Proznick
Set Construction John A. Neill, Vance Schneider
Stage Manager Jennelle Young
Set Painting Jennelle Young, Vance Schneider, Walter Hunt, Marta Oraniewicz.
Set Dressing Lori Barber, Vance Schneider
Properties Vance Schneider
Lighting / Sound Operator Walter Hunt
Publicity Vance Schneider
Poster and Graphics Carlo Sia
Program Vance Schneider, Carlo Sia
Photography/Videography John A. Neill
Front of House Jennelle Young, Vance Schneider
Original Performance Dates April 20-22, 2017
Venue Kamloops Conference Centre Theatre, Kamloops, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 45 minutes
Production Style Dinner Theatre – Comedy / Farce
Our Sponsors Kamloops Coast Hotel & Conference Centre, The Brick, Uptown Chefs.
Special Thanks To CFJC Midday, John A Neill Photography

Photos from this Epic Production!