Beauty and The Beast The Panto!

Beauty and The Beast

About the Play

Beauty and the Beast (French: La Belle et la Bête) is a traditional fairy tale written by French novelist Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont and published in 1756. Variants of the tale are known across Europe, but the basic story remains the same.

A widowed father comes across the Beast’s Palace during a journey to Paris and is thrown into the dungeon. His youngest daughter, Beauty (Belle in later versions), worried about his health, sets out to look for him. After finding the same palace with its unruly and terrifying master, she takes her father’s place, remaining at the palace with the Beast in return for her father’s freedom. Over time, the Beast warms to Beauty and slowly she begins to fall in love with him. Meanwhile, the Father, having returned to the village, recruits the town’s hunters to rescue Beauty. In doing so the Beast is slain, and Beauty falls over him proclaiming her love. A wonderous transformation occurs when the Beast is revealed as a handsome prince – who was cursed for his vanity and his cruelty towards others – and asks Beauty to marry him, and they live happily ever after.

The tale of Beauty and the Beast has since been made into an Opera, various musicals and of course, has been seen in many variations on television and in the movies as early as 1946. The most notable version of the story was the feature animation film done by Walt Disney in 1991. Disney is also set to release a live-action film version of the tale in 2017.

In our version, we’ve given Beauty and the Beast the full panto treatment! We’ve added a few characters that you might not know, and put an extra special touch on the favorites!

CastCrewProduction Info
Character Played by
French Prince Julie Moray
Stage Manager Walter Hunt
English Prince Chloé Beauchamp-Brisson
Enchantress Cynthia Howkins
François Elizabeth King
Babette Shael O’Brien
Rosette Julie Moray
Georgette Taylia Martin
Claudette Nancy Carson
Madame Bidet Faloosh Vance Schneider
Belle Madison Olds
Professor Xavier Bruce Visser
Gaston Frank Kohlberger
Brimsen Nick Goshorn
Roquefort Adam Perison
Caerphilly Daisy Heinonen
Beast Tom Fox
 Baker  Kayla Roath
 Hat Seller  Austin Roath
 Barber  Cierra Gallagher
 Painter  Lisa Karpuk
 Merchant  Sophie Proznick
 Peasant  Lori Proznick
 The Brute  Zenedine Perriard-Abdoh
The Full Chorus Adrianna Agnew, Aiden Henderson, Aubrey Crowley, Austin Roath, Candace Parkin, Cierra Gallagher, Daisy Heinonen, Danielle Hamilton, Isabel Moody, Johnee Ward, Julie Moray, Kassidy Ellison, Kayla Roath, Lilian Goy, Lily Imus, Lisa Karpuk, Lori Proznick, Olivia Marino, Roxy Vannan, Rufina Baek, Sophie Proznick,
Taylia Martin, Zenedine Perriard-Abdoh
Producer Vance Schneider
Adaptation by Vance Schneider
Director Vance Schneider
Set, Lighting & Sound Designer Vance Schneider
Head of Wardrobe Denise Proznick
Head of Construction Vance Schneider
Master Carpenters John A. Neill, Vance Schneider
Master Painter Jessica Scott
Dance Choreographer Jasmin McDaniels
Assistant Choreographer Taylia Martin
Stage Manager Jennelle Young
Assistant Stage Manager Kym Gallagher
Assistant Stage Manager Walter Hunt
Costumes / Dressers Denise Proznick, Francine van Aert
Hair / Makeup Jasmin McDaniels, Taylia Martin, Kym Gallagher, Vance Schneider
Beast Makeup & Mask Vance Schneider
Wigs Vance Schneider
Set Construction John Neill, Vance Schneider, Jerry Parkin, Pat Barringer, Jennelle Young
Set Painting Jennelle Young, Matt Rolan, Drew Felling, Vance Schneider, John Neill, Kym Gallagher, Cierra Gallagher, Lorraine Korobanik, Lisa Karpuk, Cynthia Howkins, Elizabeth King, Wendy King, Madison Olds, Mike O’Brien, Shael O’Brien, Nick Goshorn, Walter Hunt, Daisy Heinonen, Helen Heinonen, Chloé Beauchamp-Brisson, Carlo Sia, Sydney Ramage, Jerry Parkin, Candace Parkin and Austin Gallagher
Properties Vance Schneider
Drums and Percussion Stu Wightman
Technical Director * Roya Mole
Lighting Operator * Roya Mole
Sound Operator * Kianna Skelly
Running Crew Robin Arundel, Drew Felling and the Cast
Publicity Vance Schneider, Lorraine Korobanik
Poster and Graphics Carlo Sia, Vance Schneider
Program Vance Schneider, Carlo Sia
Photography/Videography John A. Neill
*Western Canada Theatre Employee
Original Performance Dates December 24-31, 2015
Venue Sagebrush Theatre, Kamloops, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 45 minutes
Production Style Traditional British Panto
Our Sponsors Newgold New Afton Mine, Kamloops Office Systems, Sticky’s Candy,
Kamloops Coast Hotel & Conference Centre, Domino’s Pizza,
Tranquille Farm Fresh, Windsor Plywood
Special Thanks To Kamloops Live Box Office, Shaw TV, CFJC Midday, Echo Newspapers, Pandora’s Costume Box, 98.3 FM – Stan and Hank,
Pat Barringer, Jessica Scott, Russ Gervais, John A Neill Photography

Photos from this Epic Production!