Audition Notice

According to Rumour

By Robert Scott

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Audition Form

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Audition Dates and Times:

– Friday, June 16, 2023 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
– Saturday, June 17, 2023 from 11:00am to 2:00pm


TLS Workshop & Rehearsal Hall
1689 Trans Canada Highway
(Details will be emailed to applicants)

Audition Notes

– Cold Read from Script
– Auditions are on a first come – first served basis
– No previous experience required – Everyone is welcome – Ages 16 up!
– Please bring a resume & head shot (if available – if not, we’ll take a snap!)
– Non-Equity production

Rehearsal Information:

Rehearsal Venue – TLS Workshop and Rehearsal Hall

Tuesday and Thursday nights 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Production Dates:

All Performances at The Sagebrush Theatre, 1300 9 Ave, Kamloops, BC

– Performance Dates: September 13-16, 2023
– Curtain at 8:00pm. Call Time is 6:30pm

Cast of Characters:

Character Description
CARTER The Man in Trouble.  Carter is a bit of a failure, both his marriage and his work has recently hit the rocks. He reacts quicker than he thinks. He’s extremely unlucky at times and accepts this. The more he panics, the less he thinks logically and rationally. He is constantly on edge and digging himself a deeper and deeper hole.
KITTY KAT The Mysterious Woman.  Kitty Kat is no doubt a bit of a promiscuous woman She has enough charm to pass herself as classy when she wants. Always looking for fun, the obstacles and difficulties she faces are one big adventure, she uses her street smart attitude to manipulate those around her in an attempt to get her own way.
ROGER The Best Friend.  Roger is a bit of a fool, however he means to harm. All Roger really wants is to have a simple life but nothing is simple around Carter. He’s always trying to run away from life’s challenges but always gets dragged into them due to loyalty for his best friend Carter.
EMMA The Sister.  Emma is Carter’s younger sister, and is in many ways the opposite of Carter. She is smarter, calmer and very relaxed. However, just like a caged tiger, she can be unsympathetic and cruel to those around her when she gets angry.
ASHLEY The Postal Worker.  Ashley tries to be in charge and in control of things but in truth turns out to be clumsy, and not very bright, Ashley is like a fly that keeps getting in the way that needs swatting.
HARRIETT The Mother.  Harriett is Carter’s and Emma’s mother. She is loud and as far as she’s concerned, always right. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She’s clever, and brighter than all the rest put together, she plans, she thinks ahead and quietly works everything out before anyone else.
LOGAN The Detective.  There are two sides to Logan. One is the hugger. The other is a rough and tough detective. He is also much trickier than he lets on.
MAXINE / MARTINE The Identical Twins.  Harriett’s personal assistants. They wear the same clothes, have the same zoned out, often staring into space until someone speaks to them look, but their undisclosed accents are completely different… They really don’t understand what is going on around them… or do they?

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Story Synopsis

Carter can’t exactly remember what happened last night…  Asleep on his sofa after a quiet night of celebrating his recent divorce, alone, or so he thought, Carter is rudely awakened by a phone call from his younger sister to let him know that mother is on the way to visit him and should arrive shortly.  To compound the confusion, a semi-naked woman suddenly emerges from his bedroom, there’s a loud knock at the front door, something begins to stir behind his sofa, and there is the puzzling matter of a mysterious bag full of money in his fridge…
So what’s going on?

Well, According to Rumour….

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