Robin Hood - An Ooh Da Lally Panto!

Join us for our 13th Annual Traditional British Panto!

December 24 to 30, 2023

The nasty and evil Prince John has usurped the crown from his brother King Richard, and now terrorizes the good folk of Nottingham… that is, until Robin Hood and his band of Merrie… uh… Frogs, arrive to save the day…


According To Rumour...

This hilarious play by British Playwright Robert Scott, will have you in stitches.

Carter can’t exactly remember what happened last night…  Asleep on his sofa after a quiet night of celebrating his recent divorce, alone, or so he thought. What’s going on? Well, According to Rumour….

Sagebrush Theatre – May 8 – 11 2024

Alice In Wonderland

A Fabulously Frabjous Panto!

Alexandra Parisot as “Alice” and Alvina Snell as “Caterpillar”
Sagebrush Theatre 2022

Sleeping Beauty

A Not So Malficent Panto!

Mell Black as “Maleficent” and her Minions.
Sagebrush Theatre 2021

Lend Me A Tenor

By Ken Ludwig

Bruce Visser as “Saunders” and Ivan Vutev as “Max”
Coast Convention Centre Theatre 2018

Coming Soon to The Sagebrush Theatre!

Robin Hood, An Ooh Da Lally Panto!

By The TLS Giggle Guild

1 Hour 45 Mins | G
Annual British Panto
Dec 24 – 30, 2023

According to Rumour

By Robert Scott

1 Hour 35 Min| PG
Farce / Comedy
May 8 – 11, 2024

Fall 2024

1 Hour 35 Min| PG
Farce / Comedy
September 2024

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Past Performances

2022 – Alice in Wonderland, A Fabulously Frabjous Panto!

2021 – Sleeping Beauty, A Not So Maleficent Panto!


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