Twas The “NIGHT” Before Panto!

Twas The 'night' before Panto!

About the Video

What a year it’s been!
Covid-19 has certainly taken its toll on all of us. However, with a vaccine on its way, it will eventually pass, and things will get slowly back to normal. Although the Pandemic has shuttered public events, closed down theatres and other performing venues, The Laughing Stock Theatre Society is proud to present a very special, Covid-19 friendly, treat for the whole family. Our Volunteer Theatre Elves have been busy over the summer and fall of 2020 preparing an original – straight to YouTube – Christmas Special that took the place of our Annual Live Traditional Panto.

Twas the NIGHT Before Panto!

“Its the evening before Panto would be released upon the land, and the harbinger of Panto herself, Dame Washalot, reads ‘Twas the Night Before Panto’ from her vast Panto archives. As well, a special guest stops by and sings about a few of her Christmas Pet Peeves.

You can catch all the zaniness via our YouTube channel The Laughing Stock Theatre YouTube Channel

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did preparing it for you! Look for the tradition of “Live” Panto to (hopefully) return in 2021!

Cheerio! Off to the ‘virtual’ Panto you go!

Don’t miss this straight to YouTube exclusive!

CastCrewProduction Info
Dame Washalot Vance Schneider
Singer Sarah Doan
Producer / Director Vance Schneider
Written / Adapted by Tom Fox
Set Design Jennelle Young
Set Construction John Neill, Vance Schneider
Lead Painter Jennelle Young
Lighting Design John Neill, Carlo Sia
Sound Design Vance Schneider
Costumes Vance Schneider
Makeup Vance Schneider, Jennelle Young
Wigs Vance Schneider
Props Master Vance Schneider
Camera Operator John Neill
Boom Operator Jennelle Young
Video Editor Vance Schneider
YouTube Release Date December 23, 2020
Filmed on Location at TLS Studios, Kamloops, BC
Production Length 1 short video – 6 minutes in length
Production Style Traditional British Panto!

Photos from this Epic Video Production!
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