The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen, A Totally Frozen Panto

About the Play

The Snow Queen has set her sights on ruling the world and burying it in snow and ice!

With the help of her bumbling minions, she sets in motion a whirlwind adventure that has the citizens of the Kingdom of Arendal wondering why it is snowing in July!

An unlikely band of heroes and heroines (and of course the Dame and a dicey reindeer) join forces to stop the evil Snow Queen before she can manipulate a young princess into doing her bidding and forever casting the world into doom and gloom.

Answers to these burning questions and more will be revealed…

  • So WHY is it snowing in JULY?
  • What lurks on The Lonely Glacier?
  • Is there really no better business than ‘snow’ business?
  • What’s in a name… apparently a lot!

CastCrewProduction Info


The Announcer Stu Wightman
Igg, a minion of the Snow Queen Matt Hardy
Lou, a minion of the Snow Queen Mell Black
The Snow Queen Paige Danyluk
Queen Elise Kara Madsen
King Valdus Jennelle Young
Alotta De Frost Vance Schneider
Mysterious Wizard Bruce Visser
Anna Sarah Doan
Ilsa Brittany Zettergreen
Gerda Kara Madsen
Christoff Sam Rivera
Svein, a Reindeer Jennelle Young
Hanz Olsohanz Thomas Dunsdon
The Marquis Bruce Visser
The Speaking Chorus
Young Anna Peyton Woods
Young Ilsa Naja Thomson
Young Christoff Lukas Woods
Adolescent Anna Olivia Marino
Baldur, a guard to the Marquis Kayleigh McDonald
Azlog, a guard to the Marquis Sophia McDonald
The Full Chorus Mikayla Arden, Raelene Arden, Lucas Baltakis, Eamon Donlan, Paige Gillis, Brooklyn Harrington, Cheyenne Haywood-Farmer, Kimika Herman, Pika Kanakubo, Ava Loehr, Isabel Loehr, Olivia Marino, Kaleigh McDonald, Sophia McDonald, Addison Mirtle, Breanna Mistal, Jacob O’Neill, Kiera-Lyn Stanley, McKenna Sutherland, Adison Thompson, Naja Thomson, Claire Turner, Lucee Ward, Alexi Wassenaar, Finleigh Wilson, Poppy Wilson, Lukas Woods, Peyton Woods
Producer / Director Vance Schneider
Written / Adapted by Vance Schneider
Assistant Director Carlo Sia
Set Design Vance Schneider, Carlo Sia, Jennelle Young
Lighting Design Carlo Sia, Paul Cuthbert, Vance Schneider
Sound Design Vance Schneider
Head of Wardrobe Denise Proznick
Head of Construction Vance Schneider
Lead Carpenter John Neill
Dance Choreographer Jasmin McDaniels
Stage Manager Olivia Stella
Assistant Stage Manager Ivan Vutev
Costumes / Dressers Denise Proznick, Karen Danyluk, Karla Thompson, Sophia McDonald
Hair / Makeup Shael O’Brien, Vance Schneider
Wigs Vance Schneider
Set Construction John Neill, Vance Schneider
Lead Painter Jennelle Young
Set Painting Cody Dawson, Sophia McDonald, Rhiannon Jefferies, Shael O’Brien, Brittany Zettergreen.
Props Master / Builder Vance Schneider
Drums and Percussion Stu Wightman
Technical Director (TLS*) Paul Cuthbert
Technical Director (WCT*) Brian St-Amand
Lighting Operator (WCT*) Paul Cuthbert
Sound Operator (WCT*) James Befurt
Fly Operator (WCT*) Adam
Running Crew The Cast and Chorus
Publicity Vance Schneider, Carlo Sia
Graphics, Projections, Animations Carlo Sia
Program Carlo Sia, Vance Schneider
Raffle Organizer Carlo Sia
Photography/Videography John A. Neill
Teaser Trailer Videography / Editors Christo Vutev, Carlo Sia
* (TLS) The Laughing Stock Theatre Society Volunteer
*(WCT) Western Canada Theatre Employee
Original Performance Dates December 24-30, 2019
Venue Sagebrush Theatre, Kamloops, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 50 minutes
Production Style Traditional British Panto
Our Sponsors The Brick, Newgold New Afton Mine, Kamloops Office Systems, Kamloops Coast Hotel & Conference Centre, Fresh Slice Pizza. We also acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia
Special Thanks To Academy of Dance, B-100, and
John A Neill Photography