Your Panto Program Biography

Here is your opportunity to shine! Tell the general public a little about yourself. Keep it fun and light-hearted, and let the people know you've arrived!


16 Ideas To Help You Write Your Bio
  • Introduce yourself and always in the third person. For example, write "Jane Smith is an Actress" rather than "I am an Actress." Use pronouns such as “He” and “She”
  • What got you interested and involved in theatre? Why acting / backstage?
  • What acting / backstage roles have you done with The Laughing Stock or other companies?
    (Please list the Character / Role, Play Title and Theatre Company)
  • Where did or do you go to school? What are you taking?
  • Do you have any training in theatre and stagecraft?
  • Do you have any awards, degrees, certificates or notable accolades?
  • Where do you work, what do you do as a day job?
  • Where can we find you when you’re not working?
  • What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?
  • Where did you grow up?
  • What would be impossible for you to give up?
  • Do you have any favorite quotes?
  • What was your favorite moment on stage / backstage?
  • Do you have a favorite play that you’ve seen?
  • What is the one hidden secret that we don’t know about you?
MAX: 130 words
Note: Your Bio may be edited to fit the space in the program. All efforts will be made to keep your information intact.
Sample Biographies:
Vance Schneider: Vance founded The Laughing Stock Theatre Society in 2011. He is a producer, writer, director, actor, and Jack of all Trades. He has worked professionally in both the Film and Theatre industry in Vancouver and Calgary, and spent the rest of the time in and around Community Theatre. Notable acting roles include “Scapino” in Scapino, “Badger” in Wind and The Willows, and “Vincent Crummles” in Nicholas Nickelby. Notable plays as Stage Manager, Dylan, Memory of Water, Anne of Green Gables. Vance has produced 20 plays with The Laughing Stock. He introduced Panto to Kamloops in 2011 and has produced and directed eleven to date, penning / adapting ten. He also created the indomitable persona of “Dame Washalot”, the harbinger of silliness, who has appeared as herself in too many Pantos to count as various “Dames with different names”, all with that unmistakable shrill voice...

Bruce Visser: The Snow Queen marks Bruce’s 7th year as part of The Laughing Stock Family. Since he’s useless at everything else, they cast him as an actor. His roles keep getting smaller, but he keeps showing up. Next year he will be “Chorus Elf #7”. Maybe they should cast him in a leading role (which we did and he killed it as “Henry Saunders” in Lend Me A Tenor) and that will scare him away, but we doubt it. Bruce loves the theatre and even he must admit he brings a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to his roles. Besides, he is the only actor willing to take a pie in the face, about 20 so far which must be some sort of record. Bruce would like to thank his wife and daughter for their support and encouragement, and Vance for his eye rolling patience, coaching and deep sighs.