Little Mermaid Audition


Audition Dates:

  • Friday, September 15, 2017 – 6:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Saturday, September 16, 2017 – 10:00am to 2:00pm

If you can’t make these dates, but would like to audition, please contact the Director at

Audition Venue:

Kamloops Conference Centre in the Theatre
1250 Rogers Way, Kamloops, BC

Audition Notes

  • Cold Read from Script;
  • Auditions are on a first come – first served basis;
  • All auditioneers must be willing to dance, sing-a-long, and be able to carry out physical comedy;
  • If you would like a singing audition, please come prepared to sing your favorite Mermaid song a capella;
  • No previous experience required – Everyone is welcome – Ages 10 & up!;
  • Please bring a resume & head shot (if available – if not, we’ll take a snap!);
  • Non-Equity production

Rehearsal Information:

All Rehearsals will take place in the Theatre at the Kamloops Conference Centre
1250 Rogers Way, Kamloops, BC

*Please Note* – All cast and crew will be required to become paid members of The Laughing Stock Theatre Society by first rehearsal. Please visit our Membership page for pricing and to sign up. Membership forms will also be available at first rehearsal. Children 12 and under do not need a membership.



  • Script Read Through Sept 28, 2017 – 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday nights 6:00pm to 9:00pm beginning October 3, 2017
  • Main Cast Dance Choreography begins on Sunday October 22, 2017 and subsequent Sundays from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. Main Cast as required.


Rehearsals are Sunday – 11:00am to 2:00pm beginning October 8, 2017

Production Dates:

All Performances at The Sagebrush Theatre – 1300 9th Avenue, Kamloops, BC

  • December 24 to 31, 2016 (Total of 7 performances)
  • Matinees: Curtain at 1:00pm. Call Time is 11:30am. Dec 24, 26, 28, 30, & 31
  • Evenings: Curtain at 7:00pm. Call Time is 5:30pm. Dec 27 & 29

Tickets On Sale Now!

All Tickets are available from the Kamloops Live Box Office
Visit our Tickets page for pricing and show information.

Story Synopsis

Young mermaid princess Ariel longs to leave her ocean home – and her fins – behind and live in the human world above. When she defies her father, King Triton, and visits the ocean surface, she immediately falls for a charming Prince! Furious, King Triton forbids Ariel from ever going to the surface again. However, the headstrong Ariel has other plans, and bargains with the evil sea witch, trading her beautiful voice for a pair of legs. But the bargain is not what it seems, and Ariel will need the help of all her colorful friends under the sea to win her prince’s love in a thrilling race against time! Suitable for all ages! Fun for the whole family!

Cast of Characters

**PLEASE NOTE** In a Traditional British Panto, characters that are generally considered a “male” role might be played by a female and vice versa. For example, the ‘DAME‘ is always played by a man. The “HERO” may be a woman. And so it goes…

TYPE = This is the character category.

  • Cameo = Short appearance with or without lines.
  • Chorus = A member of the chorus with or without lines.
  • Lead = A lead or main character.
  • Major = Major character.
  • Minor = Significant background character with or without lines

LINE LOAD = This is the approximate weight of lines of the script as a percentage.

  • Light = 0 – 10%
  • Moderate = 10 – 30%
  • Heavy = 30% and up

NOTE: Some of the Minor Characters can or will be doubled up.

Character Type Description Line Load
SCUTTLE Major A know-it-all, lovable seagull. Ariel’s friend Moderate
ARIEL Lead A rambunctious, headstrong mermaid Moderate
SEBASTIAN Lead A self-deprecating crab. Ariel’s friend Moderate
PRINCE ERIC Lead A Prince, who falls for Ariel Moderate
GRIMSBY Major Eric’s Manservant and Confidant Moderate
HODGESON Minor Helmsman on board the Prince’s Ship Light
WILLING Chorus Crewman on the Prince’s Ship Light
ABLE Chorus Crewman on the Prince’s Ship Light
MOPPET Chorus Pirate under Captain Sharktooth Light
POPPET Chorus Pirate under Captain Sharktooth Light
SHARKTOOTH Major Dread Pirate Captain Moderate
NORMA Lead The Dame. Nanny to Ariel Moderate
FLOTSAM Major A twisted eel and henchman to The Sea Witch, brother to Jetsam Moderate
JETSAM Major A twisted eel and henchman to The Sea Witch, brother to Flotsam Moderate
WINDWARD Minor A Sea Horse and palace official Light
KING TRITON Lead King of the Sea and ruler of the merfolk, Ariel’s father Moderate
MARLIN Minor A Clownfish lost in the deep depths, friend to Dory Light
DORY Minor A Blue Tang fish lost in the deep depths, friend to Marlin Light
THE SEA WITCH Major A ruthless octopus with revenge on her mind Moderate
CARLOTTA Minor A servant in the palace of Prince Eric, friend of Grimsby and Louis Light
CHEF LOUIS Minor The very French cook in the palace of Prince Eric, his specialty… fish Light
ARIANA Minor The Sea Witch in human form Light
PRIEST Cameo An impressive Clergyman Light
CHORUS Chorus Assorted Sea Creatures, unfortunate souls, and palace courtiers Light