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About the Play

Cinderella debuted as a pantomime on stage at the Drury Lame Theatre, London in 1904 and at the Adelphi Theatre in London in 1905.

In the traditional pantomime version of Cinderella, Buttons, who is Baron Hardup’s servant and best friend of Cinderella, starts the show and first introduces Cinderella to the audience.  We then meet the ne’re do wells, Cinderella’s Step-Sisters and the Evil Baroness who have it in for Cinderella and try to make her life as miserable as possible. Throughout the pantomime, the Baron is under constant pressure by the overspending of his wife, the Baroness, who dotes on her daughters exclusively, while leaving nothing for Cinderella.

While out picking flowers in the forest one day, Cinderella first meets Prince Charming and his “right-hand man” Dandini, whose name and character come from the Gioachino Rossini Opera (La Cenerentola). Cinderella mistakes Dandini for the Prince and the Prince for Dandini.  The Prince then decides to throw a ball in an attempt to find the girl he met in the forest, but he is thwarted by the Step Sisters who tear up Cinderella’s invitation.  In the nick of time, the Fairy Godmother arrives and transforms Cinderella’s rags into  a beautiful ball gown, changes a pumpkin into a coach, mice into footmen, and Buttons into the coach driver, so that Cinderella can to go to the ball happening at the Palace. However, she must return by midnight, as it is then that the spell ceases…

Expect the unexpected in this uproariously funny take on the classic tale!

CastCrewProduction Info
Character Played by
Dame Washalot Vance Schneider
Buttons Pat Buchanan
Cinderella Jennilee Fraser
Sharon Don Levasseury
Tracy Torrey Owen
Baroness Hard-Up Liz Ekering
Baron Hard-up Jessica Buchanan
King Stoneybrook Vaughn Butland
Prince Charming Lorraine Korobanik
Dandini Abby Wale
Honest Dick Taylor Peinhaupt
Fairy Godmother Ruth Roe
The Herald Taylor Peinhaupt
The Creature Torrey Owen
The Full Chorus Meg Roe, Austin Roath, Dakota Cunningham, Kayla Roath,
Lisa Karpuk, Lori-Anne Proznick, Sophia Proznick, Zizou Abdoh
Producers Vance Schneider, Don Levasseur
Author Peter Bond
Director Vance Schneider
Set Designer Vance Schneider
Lighting Designer Brian Britton
Sound Designer Vance Schneider
Stage Manager Jackie Ellis
Costumes / Dressers Jackie Ellis, Denise Proznick, Aliza Abdol
Hair / Makeup Edith Kmet, Denise Anderson
Set Construction The Ellis Family, Pat Buchanan, Nigel Beardwood, Don Levasseur,
Mike Adams, Torrey Owen, Vance Schneider
Set Painting Jessica Buchanan, Cayliegh McCreight, Taylor & Caitlin Peinhaupt,
Vaughn Butland, Don Levasseur, Nigel Beardwood, Ray Perrault,
Jackie Ellis, Torrey Owen
Properties Vance Schneider, Jackie Ellis
Lighting Operator Nigel Beardwood
Sound Operator Vance Schneider
Running Crew Naif Ali, Mohammed Jamal, Jason Hogue, Mike Adams,
Bill Walshaw & The Cast!
Publicity Wenda Noonan, Vance Schneider, Don Levasseur
Poster and Graphics Wenda Noonan
Program Vance Schneider
Original Performance Dates December 24-31, 2011
Venue Kamloops Convention Centre Theatre, Kamloops, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 45 minutes
Production Style Traditional British Panto
Our Sponsors Kamloops Convention Centre, Kamloops This Week, Pandora’s Costume Box,
Edge Publishing, Echo Newspapers, Surplus Herby’s, Bulk Barn, Dulux Paint.
Special Thanks To Kamloops Live Box Office, RONA, Lee’s Music, Kamloops Scene Magazine,
Shaw TV, 97.5 The River, 98.3 CIFM, Kamloops Daily News, B-100,
TRU Actor’s Workshop Theatre.

Photos from this Epic Production!