The Snow Queen

About the Play The Snow Queen has set her sights on ruling the world and burying it in snow and ice! With the help of her bumbling minions, she sets in motion a whirlwind adventure that has the citizens of the Kingdom of Arendal wondering why it is snowing in July! An unlikely band of heroes and heroines (and of course the Dame and a ... More

Rapunzel A Tangled Panto

About the Play “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” is the familiar call for young Rapunzel to toss her exceptionally long locks of golden hair down the side of a massive tower to raise and lower her only link to the outside world - Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel keeps a tight grip on her daughter, warning her that things in the ... More

Lend Me A Tenor

About the Play Lend Me A Tenor is set in September 1934. Saunders, the general manager of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company, is primed to welcome world famous, Tito Morelli, Il Stupendo, the greatest tenor of his generation, to appear for one night only as Otello. The star arrives late and, through a hilarious series of mishaps, is given ... More

The Little Mermaid

About the Play Young mermaid Princess Ariel longs to leave her ocean home – and her fins – behind and live in the human world above. When she defies her father, King Triton, and visits the ocean surface, she immediately falls for a charming prince! Furious, King Triton forbids Ariel from ever going to the surface again. However, the ... More