Welcome To The Laughing Stock Theatre Society

What a year it’s been!

Covid-19 has certainly taken its toll on all of us. However, with a vaccine on its way, it will eventually pass, and things will get slowly back to normal.
Although the Pandemic has shuttered public events, closed down theatres and other performing venues, The Laughing Stock Theatre Society
 is proud to present a very special, Covid-19 friendly, treat for the whole family.
Our Volunteer Theatre Elves have been busy over the summer and fall of 2020 preparing an original – straight to YouTube – Christmas Special that will take the place of our Annual Live Traditional Panto.

“Twas the Year without Panto”

The evil villain “Corona Virus” has shuttered all the theatres across
the land, and forced the Annual Panto to postpone itself for a while.
This doesn’t stop the intrepid harbinger of Panto, the illustrious Dame Washalot and a few of her friends, Dame Pattycake, Chef Louis, a little drummer boy named Stu, and a small contingent of elves lead by Sparklebell and Snowdrop, from trying to save Christmas and bring about good cheer!
This roughly 30 minute special will air on
December 24, at 1:00pm
the same day and time our performances would normally start for our annual Panto run at the Sagebrush Theatre.
You can catch all the zaniness via our YouTube channel
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did preparing it for you!
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Wear your masks, practice social distancing, and Wash your hands!
We’ll get through this together!
 Look for the tradition of “Live” Panto
to return in 2021!
Cheerio! Off to the ‘virtual’ Panto you go!


Dear Valued Patrons,

As you can appreciate, our most critical concern during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic is the health and safety of those attending our theatre performances, our volunteers and everyone working onstage, in the wings, or in support and administrative roles.

We continue to monitor all recommendations and predictions from Health Canada and BC Public Health.

We have currently suspended our 2019-2020 Season and hope to resume as soon as possible.

Please Stay home and stay safe!
Thank you from the Executive of The Laughing Stock Theatre Society